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Vanessa Couturier

Technologist and artist in the making, entrepreneur with 20 years experience in technology and innovation.  Experiential designer passionate about immersive experiences, automation, XR, and generative AI.  Creator of Magical and Playful Homes. Founding member of the World eXperience Organization. 







Previously, I led the highly successful North America team for Consumer Industries at Scottish Development International, and co-founded Boston-based SaaS startup Appsembled to help online creators and micro-influencers promote their services.  I also served as the Defense Trade Commissioner for the Consulate of Canada, and the North America General Manager of HGH Infrared Systems (a defense manufacturer now part of The Carlyle Group), where I managed the PGSS and G BOSS E program for our company.  Under my 6-year leadership, our 360 degree long-range suveillance system was deployed in Afghanistan, and it is still being used in theater. It was my greatest honor to work side by side with mission-driven tech wizards and soldiers.  Meanwhile, I co-founded United4Defense, a networking group dedicated to giving a voice to defense startups in the New England area.

I managed for 4 years an international technology incubator based in Boston and assisted foreign small businesses and startups in optics/photonics and software getting established in the US.  The incubator was subsequently chosen by the French government to officially represent French startups abroad (French Tech Hub).  But at the beginning of it all was Sales -I started my career with a successful tenure in large and smaller enterprise software companies as a business development executive, selling to Fortune 500 companies.

I am a dual US/French citizen and was awarded the Knight of the National Order of Merit Medal by the French Government in 2013.  I  have a Masters I in Literature (Maitrise) Magna Cum Laude and a B.A in Cinema Studies from La Sorbonne University in Paris, and have extensive professional training in Solution and Strategic Selling, as well as in Experience Design.  I live in Boston, right by the artsy and industrial Boston Harbor Shipyard and Marina.

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